Proline Adult Cat Food Chicken 0.4kg


Proline Adult Cat Food Chicken 0.4kg

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Fully balanced all-natural cat food with chicken protein. Carefully formulated by cat / dog nutritionists to meet the nutritional requirements of all adult cats.

CONTENTS: Processed Chicken Protein ( 35%), Wheat, Corn, Wheat Bran, Animal Fat, Corn Gluten, Dried Sugar Beet, Liver Flavor, Rice, Dry Brewer’s Yeast, Taurine (3a370), Preservatives and Antioxidants (E320 & E321).

MINERALS: Iron(3B103), Iodine (3B202), Copper(3B405), Manganese (3B502), Zinc(3B603), Selenium(3B802)

VITAMINS: Vitamin A (3A672A), Vitamin D3 (3A671), Vitamin E (3A700), Vitamin C (3A300), Vitamin B1 (3A821), B2 (3A825i), B3 (Niacin-3A315), B6 ​​(3A831), B12 (3A). ), B7 (Biotin-3A880), B9 (Folic Acid-3A316), Vitamin K3 (3A710), Choline (3A890), Calcium Pantothenate (3A841)

Crude Protein 31% Vitamin A 15000 IU/kg
Raw oil 12% Vitamin D3  1000 IU/kg
Ash 8% Vitamin E 150mg/kg
Crude Cellulose (Fiber) 3% Vitamin C 120mg/kg
taurine 1000mg/kg


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