Pet Obesity: A Growing Problem. How to help your furry friend reach an optimal weight.

November 1st 2022:
Pet obesity is a growing problem worldwide. At PetStore Kenya, we genuinely care that your pets are kept well and healthy. We hope to tackle this topic to help pet owners who currently have pets struggling with obesity or shed light for those who are not aware that their pet may be overweight.

How do I identify if my pet is obese or overweight?

Half the challenge is to recognise if your pet is overweight. Like humans, dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to determine obesity is to use the Body Condition Score System.

The Body Condition Score System focuses on the amount of skin and tissue that can be felt over the ribs, as well as the shape over the waist and underbelly. A dog or cat with an ideal body condition will have a visible waist behind the ribs when viewed from above; the ribs can be felt through only a small amount of fat; and, when viewed from the side, the underbelly is tucked up.

Your veterinarian can provide guidance in determining an ideal body weight for your pet based on breed, age and activity level. Use the infographic below to help you determine whether your pet is in the ideal shape. Contact your veterinarian if you are not sure and / or want a consultation to determine your pet’s current Body Condition Score.

What’s the big deal? What problems can obesity cause?

If your dog or cat is obese, chances are that she suffers from chronic pain due to the excess weight they carry. Weight loss is the safest and most effective way to alleviate chronic pain.

Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from joint disease, respiratory disease and other preventable conditions. Overweight cats are at risk for diabetes and some types of liver disease. These conditions can have devastating consequences and become financially challenging for pet owners. Managing your pet’s weight is important to their overall health and lifelong wellness.

Below are guiding images to help identify whether your pet is beyond his ideal body condition.

How do I help my pet reach an optimal weight?

Helping your pudgy pup or cat shed weight can be challenging. But success is extremely rewarding when your pet’s pain decreases, energy increases and fitness level improves. A successful weight loss programme addresses two major components: diet (amount and type of food) and current activity level to help burn off calories.

At PetStore Kenya, we bring you solutions for both diet and activity level.

Our functional line, Spectrum, offers Light27 for dogs and Slim34 for cats. Both formulas limit weight gain by using sugar cane fibre to regulate food intake. The fibre helps them feel full without extra calories. And don’t forget that treats have calories too. Remember to include the calories from treats in your pet’s daily calorie intake.

We offer a range of outdoor toys that will naturally entice your pet to increase his activity level and have fun at the same time!

Visit our website for all products mentioned and shown here. Your pet’s weight loss package of food and toys is just a few clicks away. Start your pet’s successful weight loss programme today! And remember, if your pet is unsatisfied with any of our products, we offer a 100% guaranteed refund.