SHORT EXPIRY – CLEARANCE: Spectrum Ultra Premium Adult Dog Food – Peptigest26 Gluten Free 3kg


[Exp 04/02/2022] Specially formulated complete and balanced ultra-premium dog food to meet the nutritional requirements of digestive sensitive dogs aged from 10 months to 8 years. Gluten free.


SPECTRUM Peptigest 26, a specially formulated complete and balanced ultra-premium gluten free dog food to meet the nutritional requirements of digestive sensitive dogs aged from 10 months to 8 years.

HEALTHY WEIGHT CONTROL: The SQX concept in SPECTRUM Peptigest 26 is boosted by hydrolised chicken liver and grain-free formulation to promote a healthy digestive system of your dog.
CELL PROTECTION: Dogs sensitive to digestive disorders are prone to local mucosa inflammation combined with an increased production of free radicals. The titrated plant extracts of SYNOX 3D present in SPECTRUM Peptigest 26 contribute to limit the consequences of oxidative stress by limiting the production of toxic end metabolites such as malondialdehyde. In addition, Synox 3D increases the bioavailability of essential free fatty acids, which contribute to limiting inflammation or mucosa irritation.


INTESTINAL LINING: Antarctic qrill in SPECTRUM Peptigest 26 is rich in proteins of high biological value concentrated in glutamine. Glutamine or the “intestinal permeability factor” maintains the structural integrity of the intestinal lining, supporting its quick turnover.
DIGESTIVE SECURITY: XOS (Xylo-oligosaccharides) in SPECTRUM Peptigest 26 stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria and contribute indirectly to the acidification of the intestinal content. Local defenses or immunity are boosted by increasing the production of antibodies. The intestinal tract is the first entry for pathogens. A boosted local immunity delays any damage to the intestinal wall linked to consequences (e.g. soft stools, diarrhoea).
HIGH DIGESTIBILITY: Inclusion of enzymatic hydrolysed proteins in SPECTRUM Peptigest 26 increase total protein digestibility and promotes the bioavailability of essential amino acids. Digestive sensitive dogs are prone to intestinal irritation combined with decreased enzymatic activity and nutrient absorption. Ultra-digestible proteins or bioactive peptides counter the endogenous loss of proteins and promote nitrogen metabolism.

SYNOX 3D: a blend of natural, standardised GMO free – titrated plant extracts (Rosemary, grape seed, curcuma, citrus and cloves) clinical proven in cats to counter free radicals induced by oxidative cell damage.

Free radicals are essential for life. However, ageing is linked to an increased production of free radicals and a decreased ability to counter their negative effects on health and wellbeing.

SYNOX 3D limits the production of malondialdehyde, one of the main toxic metabolites of oxidative stress, protecting cell membrane, mitochondria and genetic material of each individual cell. The unique composition of SYNOX 3D is the result of a screening process on 134 plant extracts, combined with trials in laboratory conditions and a successful clinical trial run in pets. Potential health benefits include increased resistance against oxidative stress, improved life-span and immune stimulation.

Qrill: Antarctic qrill is a breakthrough ingredient providing a bioavailable matrix of proteins, omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin. Qrill or Euphausia superba phospholipids have been clinically proven to promote brain development, skin health, active joints and body composition.

Xylo-oligsaccharides (XOS): super probiotics obtained by hydrolysis of corn cobs. XOS in the diet resists salivary, gastric and pancreatic enzymes.

XOS limits energy wasting fermentations which are often a source of digestive discomfort and flatulencies. The selective proliferation of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, stimulates synthesis of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) in the colon. The acidifying effect of SCFA counters potential pathogenic bacteria, promotes toxin neutralisation and keeps minerals in ionic configuration increasing bioavailability. SCFA serve as an available energy source to promote the regeneration of epithelial cell, increase the villus height, which induces a larger area of epithelial villus cells that could facilitate absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken protein, brown rice, potato starch, chicken oil, hydrolysed chicken liver, dried antarctic qrill (euphauisa superba) (4%), whey powder, carob flour, brewer’s yeast, xylo-oligosaccharide (400 ppm), rosmarinus sp. – curcuma sp. – vitis sp. – citrus sp. – eugenia sp. (300 ppm).

Additives: Vitamin A (E-672): 18000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 (E-671): 1500 IU/kg, Vitamin E (3A700): 150 mg/kg, Vitamin C (E301): 200 mg/kg, Iron (E1): 150 mg/kg, Iodine (E2): 1.5 mg/kg, Copper (E4): 15 mg/kg, Manganese (E5): 70 mg/kg, Zinc (E6): 180 mg/kg, Selenium (E8): 0.3 mg/kg, Preservatives – Antioxidants.

Protein * ………….… 26%
Fat …………………… 16%
Cellulose (Fiber) …….. 4.5%

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